Bogga Magic

Wish you could do magic? No problem! Help Ted rig up a flat-out awesome stage show!

Give your kids a touch of magic and appetite for wonder! Magic tricks are not only fun - they also spark creativity: Anything is possible!



Bogga Vacation

Vacation can be both educational and fun. Pack your things and fly off to a tropical island, build sand castles, make your own juice and go treasure hunting! Bogga Vacation is packed with super fun activities for kids, that stimulates creativity and logic. Enjoy a summer trip whenever you feel like it!

Bogga Alphabet

Let your kids learn the alphabet through coloring letters that magically transform into fridge magnets! With this fun and educational game children can listen to how english letters are pronounced and practice spelling by lining up simple words on a refrigerator. They can even use a virtual camera to take a picture of their masterpiece.

Comes in different languages - for IOS:

And currently for Android:

Bogga Christmas

Have fun decorating your own Christmas tree in a unique way. Choose between a large variety of ornaments, garlands, colors, and decorations, or better yet - make your own by taking a snapshot that, with a little magic, turns into Christmas balls! You can even change the background with a single camera click. When your satisfied just "turn the lights down" and snap a photo of your masterpiece.

Bogga Easter

The oh so clever easter bunny hides an egg in the bushes. It's up to you to find it. Once found you can decorate it and take a picture of your artwork! Finally use the magic wand to open the Easter egg. Let's see what treats it holds!